It is very important for us to always be up todate with the latest technology. Therefore, wedo not want todeprive you of our specialfeatures. If necessary, we use the appropriatedevices in the therapy.

Electromyography & Inertial Measurement Unit

Using state-of-the-art technology, it is possibleto ‘look inside’ the body

  • provides live biofeedback
  • allows quantitative and objective measurementof muscle function
  • helps with therapeutic decisions
  • documents therapy and training processes
  • supports patients in exercising and activatingtheir muscles


The Compex power unit is versatile. Thebiggest advantage, however, is that it isportable and can beperformed during activeexercises or even at home.
The device has many different programs.

  • Muscle building
  • Regeneration and promotion of bloodcirculation
  • Relaxation and massage

We also have Compex equipment for hire withus. Please contact your therapist for more detailed information.

Blood Flow Restriction

With BFR, the blood flow to the upper or lowerextremity is limited during training by partialocclusion with a cuff. This means that the bloodflow during exercise is reduced and the oxygensupply in the tissue is reduced. Thisresults in astronger muscular adjustment than withoutBFR.

We also have BFR equipment for rent with us. Please contact your therapist for more information.

Knee / Shoulder Pacemaker

The functionality of therapy devices isparticularly important to us. With the Knee/ Shoulder Pacemaker we canmake thestimulation current therapy more functional.
It can be used both during physiotherapy and at home, after the training of a physiotherapist.

Virtual Reality Tools

Training under virtual reality conditions haslong since arrived in top sports. Why not alsouse it for grassrootssports? The reasons forthis are manifold and range from practicingtactical manoeuvres to learning andcorrectbehaviour under specific pressure situations toinjury prevention. Every footballer and everyteam cantrain certain movement sequences inVirtual Reality (VR) without having to stand onthe training ground or onthe pitch. Comparedto normal "dry exercises", VR offers audio-visual feedback that can simulate real game situations and thus increase the training effect.


Function and comfort for your feet

Formthotics are a unique, individuallyadaptable inlay concept. It supports their feetand legs and has beenspecially developed forpatients by physiotherapists. Your therapist notonly adjusts the insert correctly, but alsolooksat it holistically.
Formthotics can be used as part of thetreatment.
Formthotics are thermoplastic and can beformed with the help of heat. These insoles canbe worn both ineveryday life and in sports. They are stabilizing and at the same timedistribute the pressure on your feet optimally.

This insert concept is available in our therapy.

Bioimpendance analysis

The bio-impendance analysis is a non-invasivemeasurement method for determining bodycomposition. Withthis measurement, the leanmass, the fat mass and the water balance aredetermined. A weak alternatingcurrent with ahigh frequency number is conducted throughthe body. From the resistance that the bodyopposesto the alternating current, one canobtain measured values with which one cancalculate the body composition.


Blazepods are light sensors that can becombined with different app-based reactionand speed trainings.

Benefits of training with blazepods:

  • Preservation of responsiveness and agility
  • Training of cognitive skills
  • Strengthening responsiveness
  • Improving the speed of action

Game Ready

Cold compression therapy for the treatment ofacute injuries.

The intermittent pneumatic compressionstimulates the natural muscle contractions, which supports the“pumping off” of edemaand supplies the injured area with oxygen-richblood more quickly.
At the same time, the temperature remainscontinuously cold. This cold removes heat fromthe injured area andthus causes an efficienttemperature reduction, reducing edema, muscle cramps or pain.

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