Postural gymnastics


Upright posture, better mobility and stability of joints and muscles, easier and more conscious movement in everyday life and sports, increased well-being, taking advantage of the positive influence of physical activity on bone density.

Gymnastics with the Pezziball, music gymnastics, strengthening and stabilization exercises, coordination exercises, posture-promoting back exercises, mobilization and stretching exercises, relaxation exercises.

130 €
Total price
max. number of participants


Each course requires registration at the reception, via the instructor or by email. This is valid for the duration of a course and must be repeated before the beginning of the next course. It is the only way to secure your spot in a course.


Course fee:

The course fee is due at the beginning of the course at the latest. Missing a course does not exempt you from the payment of the total course fee.


Participation in the course is your own responsibility. Please discuss problems and limitations with the course leader.


Minimum number of participants per course: 10 people
Maximum number of participants per course: 15 people

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