Network of partners

In order to do the right thing for them, we work closely with the practice for sports and joint surgery Gelenkpunkt in Innsbruck. This good exchange between doctors and physiotherapists makes a lot possible.

We cooperate with the Center for Young Performance Sport Tirol and the Ski Gymnasium Stams in order to make progress in the younger generation. Our phytiotherapists are always there to answer general questions of coaches and athletes. Or to perform specific training sessions. Our partner network is completed by the Olympic Centre, where we support top athletes.

We are located at Steinbockallee 31in 6063 Rum. On the ground floor, the heartof our sports therapy isthe treatmentrooms, massage rooms, an open trainingarea and of course our swimming pool. Onthe secondfloor are our 4 comeback lodges. There is also a doctor's office for generalinternal medicine and sportsmedicine of Dr. Lydia Pesserer. Furthermore, on the 1stfloor there is the Physio Center for Continuing Education, where continuing education takes place. As the third, the Motum completes the upper floor. MOTUM is a biomechanical competence center for diagnostics and movement optimization. Together we try to stay up-to-date and give the best for all of you.


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