Electrotherapy, also known as electrostimulation, is an element of physiotherapy and can make a major contribution to rapid regeneration. This is especially true for acute inflammation, muscle stimulation after surgery and for pain relief, which is why we use it in conjunction with physiotherapy and training. The electricity is generated by a special electrotherapy device and transmitted to the patient via electrodes.

Why electrotherapy?

In research, electrotherapy produces very good results for muscle stimulation after surgery. We use this effect primarily in the early phase of rehabilitation to counteract muscle atrophy and support muscle growth.

Properly used, electrotherapy relieves pain, increases metabolic activity, reduces swelling, activates and strengthens muscles and stimulates the nerves. This can improve the healing process. Our experienced therapists know how to properly apply electrotherapy. Continuing education and the most up-to-date equipment keep us on the cutting edge of technology.

Your muscles could use some stimulation?  

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