It is crucial that you arrive at your destination healthy. By analysing your running style we can create a tailored training program or the right running shoe for you.

Why a running analysis?

Running keeps you fit ‒ but only with proper running technique and dynamic joint stabilization. Recognizing the weaknesses in one's own body is difficult; even when incurring injuries and experiencing pain, the real causes are not obvious. That's why we take time in the running analysis and look closely at your posture and movements, especially the feet, knees and pelvis, the head posture and arm swing.

What problems can occur while running?

Possible problems that can occur during running due to poor technique or unstable joints are:

  • Back pain
  • Groin pain
  • Runner's knee
  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Heel spurs

When should a running analysis be done?

Before it hurts. Timely running analysis helps you avoid mistakes right from the start of your training, and running fulfils its primary purpose: it keeps you fit and healthy.

Even if you are already experiencing pain or have incurred an injury, a running analysis makes sense. Only if you know the actual cause, you can act accordingly, change your running style, perform additional strength and coordination training, or adjust your running shoes. We can help you to do the right thing.

Basic package

Our motion analysis examines your body from head to toe. We use video analysis and a treadmill to filter out any sources of error. First, we apply markings to your body to measure the joint positions in the different phases of movement, from the dynamic foot and ankle position to the leg axis, pelvic stability and upper body posture, and arm swing. We then evaluate the data and prepare a detailed report.

110 €
Total price
45 minutes
Running analysis with findings

Standard package

In addition to the running analysis and findings, we do a half-hour training session together. This session focuses on the findings and includes an individual training program for you to take home.

150 €
Total price
70 minutes
Running analysis with findings, training session and training plan

Premium package

In addition to the running analysis and the training session, we do an FMS test followed by another training session with corrective exercises based on the test results.

200 €
Total price
130 minutes
Running analysis with findings, FMS test, individual training session and training plan

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