Back in Action or BIA is a test procedure co-developed by Sporttherapie Huber und Mair. We use it to objectively analyse the healing process of the lower extremities after injury.

What is Back in Action?

Gelenkpunkt, Sporttherapie Huber und Mair and the Institut für Sportwissenschaft Innsbruck developed a battery of tests that objectively evaluates the status of rehabilitation after cruciate ligament injuries. It evaluates the functional and strength status of the lower limbs and can be used to analyse foot and hip function. Speed, strength, coordination and sensorimotor ability are tested.

Why do I need a Back in Action test?

The goal is to collect scientific data on strength and coordination after an injury to the cruciate ligament, meniscus, ankle or hip. This provides objective measurement parameters.

How long does the test take and how does it work?


The test itself takes about 1.5 hours. You warm up on a bike for 10 minutes, and seven individual tests follow:

  • Double leg stabilization test
  • Single leg stabilization test
  • Two-legged jump
  • One-legged jump
  • Two-legged jump series in a stationary position
  • One-legged jump series in movement
  • Coordinative jump series in a stationary position


After the test, we do an isokinetic force measurement to compare the extensor and flexor muscles in the knee. The results will then be sent immediately via e-mail to both the doctor and you. We also provide you with training and exercise recommendations.

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